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Shocking figures but it's one to ponder...

By the end of lockdown #3 (hopefully by the beginning of March 2021) England will officially be nearly a year down the line from the first lockdown

It feels like a lifetime to us so imagine how our younger ones might feel? Nearly a quarter of a 4 year olds life tainted by a pandemic. They may understand it, they may not... but it's far from the 'norm' which they will grow up to realise.

To ALL our members, we continue our kids and adult classes on Zoom - we know its not quite the same but we are working hard to ensure that you all have that bit of 'norm' to offer comfort, a positive outlook and an all important fitness regime to see you through the next few weeks.

With a bit of routine and some familiar faces we will smash the last few weeks of lockdown into oblivion!

P.S We are also offering a free FIT15 cardio course, 6 days a week for ALL AGES, members or non-members! If you want to find out more or sign up then click here and PM us >>

P.P.S FACT - Exercise strengthens your immune system and gives you a much needed shot of serotonin which could boost an otherwise pedestrian day indoors. So lets all GET INVOLVED ON ZOOM!

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