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CDA Students reciving certificates from a grading


Whilst a grading is not going to save you if you are attacked, it does give you structure and direction to your training.  We award our students as they hit certain levels of competence and skill.  This way they can track how well they are doing and where they need to improve.

CDA Students at a Bob Breen Seminar


We have regular seminars with world class instructors such as Bob Breen, Phil Norman, Mo Teague and others, who visit CDA to pass on their unique skills and training practices.
Students get to train with the best around in the comfort of their own club.  Check out our seminars.

Two students in a self defence grapple


If you want to progress your training fast then 1:1 tuition will enable you to do that.  We can focus on where you need support and fine tune the training you receive in class. 1:1's can be arranged to meet your needs. Find out more



Whilst we do train specific techniques, we generally have a concept driven approach to our self defence training.  We study the process of violence, how and why it occurs, where and what it looks and feels like.  We then look at high probability scenarios and seek to have reliable and repeatable strategies to address these problems through all levels and ranges.
We aim to build confidence and capability in our students to be aware of dangers, assess them, avoid them, or action them.

two students in a violentscenario, prcticing kali and jkd entries.
A female engaging a male with elbow strikes in a self defence class



Bullies and criminals pick on those smaller than them or who they think are weak.  Training in martial arts gives everyone the confidence and strategies to manage and avoid those situations.  We welcome anybody no matter what skill, size or shape to come and train with us.
We are not about winning competitions or beating people up, although being able to do so is useful.  We want to give a full understanding of what is involved emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually when it comes to dealing with violence.  

Header image for our street mma class of group of men graplin


Whether it is FUN, FITNESS or FIGHTING, we've got your back!

Our Street Self Defence programme offers realistic and practical skills, tactics and strategies to keep you and your loved ones safe.
If you want to learn how to look after yourself and stay safe then this is the class for you.


Get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!
Request more information today to find out how you can start your FREE trial!


Head instructor Lee Trunks at a Bob Breen 4D Combat seminar with Phil Norman



Combined Defensive Arts is proud to be a 4d Combat Affiliate club.

4D Combat was developed from the two amazing arts of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Kali. JKD, developed by Bruce Lee, is in many ways the original MMA of the modern era, whereas Kali is the ancient warrior art of the Philippines. Both are amazing arts but how do you master both of these in one lifetime? 

Bob wanted to create a simpler model; something that would work for normal people yet have all the depth of the arts from which it was derived.

His aim was to keep the art, but prioritise the function. He made the decision that 4D Combat would concentrate on stand up fighting - where all fights start and most end.​

Therefore in 4D Combat, the same game formats or templates are used, whatever you’re doing. This makes you faster, both mentally and structurally. “Whilst they’re deliberating, you’re obliterating.

Visit 4dCombat for more info.

pikrepo (1).jpg
Image of a CDA student hitting some focus mitts in  a self defence class

We develop fast and powerful striking techniques through pad drills, partner work and sparring.
We take self defence techniques from Thai, Filipino, Chinese and Western boxing as well as many different knees and kicks from these and other Martial arts


Female student using jkd and kali trapping

Our self defence classes cover trapping to shift our opponents body and offset it through the manipulation of limbs. This is an integral part of our training using trapping drills from JKD, Wing Chun and Kali and practical applied Taichi.


Two cda students grappling in a self defence lesson

Whilst we try and avoid getting close enough to be grabbed, unfortunately grappling plays a major part in many violent confrontations.  Understanding the clinch, takedowns and Filipino Dumog, mean that when it happens we have solutions.


Two students practcing ground fighting in guard position

The ground is not your friend, so understanding how to get up from it, even with a large opponent sat on you is vital to self defence knowledge and training.  Elements of BJJ, Judo and wrestling are used to help avoid this awful place in a fight.


One student fighting 3 attacker in a multiple attacker self defence class

We practice sparring with 1 against 2 or 1 against 3 to develop our peripheral vision, reactions and our footwork and movement. This is high adrenaline stuff and really sharpens your focus, essential training for street self defence.


Two students practicing kali / escrima stick drills

We train weapons that have real life relevance, essentially sticks and knives.  Taken from Kali and Krav Maga we look at how to use weapons and if there is no other option, how to defend against weapons, and yes we know running is a good idea!


The LAW.

Section 3 of the criminal law  act  1967  states…… 

"A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large."

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We know it can be daunting starting something new, especially Self Defence classes, many people fear it will not be a friendly place to train.  This is why we offer a no obligation FREE trial class, and guarantee a warm welcome.
Our staff will settle you in and help you learn through our structured and progressive programme.

Fill in the form and get your trial booked today.

We FIGHT out of LOVE for our family and friends, not out of ANGER!  We just want to get home safe and live a good life!

This is how we approach our training, and this is what gives us the strength to survive in difficult situations.


Our Street - self defence classes cross-train street effective techniques from many martial arts, with a focus on stand up fighting and reality training. Classes are run at our Cheltenham Academy.
The purpose of the programme is to equip students with the theory, strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, attributes and experience necessary; to deal with the majority of threats they are likely to face, living as an average citizen in the UK.

Our safety and that of our loved ones is on us, we cannot rely on the police or anyone else to keep us safe.  It is a duty on us to ensure we have the knowledge and skills to manage this responsibility. 
Your safety is down to You, but we can help!


Combined Defensive Arts is a great place to learn self defense. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly group of people. I have really enjoyed being a pupil of Lee, he's a great instructor and I look forward to what he has to teach me in the future. Would thoroughly recommend.


The instructor (Lee) makes the lessons enjoyable. I think he is a very open minded person who always smiles. If you make a mistake he will not make you feel bad about it and he is always very welcoming to people of all abilities. He also has vast depth of knowledge and skill. It is a good club. The Street MMA classes are very diverse and interesting.







self defence cheltenham grappling image

I want to do cage fighting , is this the right class for me?

The MMA refers to Mixed Martial Arts as we draw from JKD, Kali, Defence Lab, Krav Maga and many other arts, but this is a Self Defence class with the focus on real life violence and confrontations involving weapons and multiple attackers. 
The skills are similar but the focus is different.

Can i have a FREE trial?

YES we offer a no obligation FREE trial to try out our classes.
Just fill out the form at the top of the page and we will contact you to book you in.

What kit do i need to start?

The most important kit to have is a gum shield and groin guard (for the men), but you will be fine without this for your trial. 
As you progress a pair of bag mits, Escrima/Kali sticks and a training knife are useful but you can borrow some to start with.

I am unfit, should i get fitter before coming?

No, you are fine as you are, and you will get fitter doing the classes in the correct way, relevant to the type of physical movements you will need. 
We always build everyone up as they go along, we look after you and make sure that it is an enjoyable yet tough experience.

We do award students levels of attainment, and these are earnt through regular training and the development of skill and competence. 
These help students maintain focus and motivation. 
But the main goal is not grades but teaching people realistic and useful self defence skills, to make them and their loved ones safe.

Do you have to do gradings?

Frequently Asked Questions!

4 people dressed ready for self defence krav maga training
Philipino stick fighting training
Guro Bob Breen 4d combat with Lee Trunks
Grappling in self defence class
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