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Anti-Bullying Week

Ever had that GUT-WRENCHING feeling when you know someone is emotionally or physically hurting your child?

The fury you feel inside and the overwhelming desire to strike back and protect Relatable?

Of course you can’t strike back and it burns, but you can try and give them the confidence to stand tall and the self-esteem to rise above toxicity that they might otherwise let destroy them.

Bullying is usually caused by a real or perceived imbalance of power. Bullies use their power, such as physical strength, popularity, or information to coerce, control or harm others.

It can take place anywhere, including social media sites as well as on the street or in the office place of work or school or college.

It can also have a psychological impact of the recipient. Varying from person to person it could reduce confidence, cause anxiety, depression and even fear.



One of the main benefits of any Martial Art is to build confidence in an individual. Bully's pray on people who lack confidence in themselves. Martial arts builds fitness and confidence and arms individuals with one of the most important forms of anti-bullying defence.


A bully will often pick on people who are unfit or show signs of physical weakness. Regular training boosts positive mood and fitness creating a virtuous circle of strength and confidence.


Awareness of those around you, being able to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys plays a big part in Martial Arts. Good fighters need to be aware of their opponents and training helps increase awareness skills that can be applied to everyday life.


Martial Arts imbues discipline into students it and creates a sense of what is right and what is wrong. Discipline teaches people to think before they act or say anything. This helps reduce conflict by assessing a potentially bullying threat and taking action which might be simply to just walk away. Managing your behaviour will help to prevent the situations from getting worsening.


Simple body language like a bow, a fist bump, or even a high-five shows mutual respect and admiration. When you show respect to others, they will show respect to you. This reduces conflict, builds mutual respect, and reduces potential conflict. From the time you step on the mat, you see that respect for instructors and peers plays a big part in Martial art training.


Learn how to defend yourself against the bully. Martial Art training gives students the skills to defend themselves. This builds confidence and helps deter would-be bully's. A bully is looking for soft targets that can't defend themselves or seem defenceless. They look for prey and a weak confident person is their ideal target.

If you really think about it, whether you are the parent of

A bullied child…

A bully…

Or a child that can’t differentiate between the two and may laugh along with the 'popular' status quo...

...These 6 tools could positively transform them all Interested in a 2 week free trial?

PM us for more info.

For further information and guidance on dealing with this as a parent, here are some great website resources and videos >>

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